What is Mountain Trash?

The question we get a lot is "What is Mountain Trash?" 

An individual or individuals whom discard and elevate themselves from society and find unity with the rugged wilderness.

It may sound derogatory but that is the one thing we can promise you it is not. To us and all the people who support Mountain Trash, it is a badge of honor. And one that we wear proudly.

Mountain Trash is not a specific group of people. It is a lot of different people from all walks of life with the same common ambitions: To be in the land that we cherish and love wholeheartedly, the mountains. With all the political correctness and division in this world, we want to bring people together with a brand that acknowledges everyone who loves the outdoors.  

We grew up idolizing certain individuals who put the mountains on a pedestal that most could never quite reach. Almost chasing after something they knew they would never catch. Trying to explore every intricate nook and cranny of the high country. Some say they might be crazy. We thought so. Until the day it got in our blood and we sought after the same outcome: To experience as much of the mountains as possible in the lifetime of a human being.

Being around and part of these people we always heard the term "Mountain Trash." We didn't really think anything of it, just a common phrase being thrown around. Until the day we realized that we are Mountain Trash and love nothing more than the endless adventures and happiness that the mountains bring to our family, friends and, most importantly, the lives of every individual it calls out to.

Today our company and products pay homage to these fine individuals following their dreams. And, to make sure there are always mountains to climb, land to explore and outdoor opportunities to chase, we are donating a portion of EVERY sale to support public land conservation.

We thank you from the depths of our souls for the support you have given!